Rapid Smile

Straight Teeth and a Brand New Smile couldn’t be simpler.

If you’re one of the many adults with crooked or misaligned teeth, we understand that smiling can often be an uncomfortable experience. Its been said that you’re never fully dressed without a smile and it’s true – a great smile can be your best accessory! We also know that you may have considered doing something about it; however the thought of years of wearing uncomfortable and unsightly traditional braces and the often prohibitive cost of treatment has stopped many from taking that step. Rapid Smiles could be your solution … 

Rapid Smiles now offers you a minimally invasive and inexpensive solution that is fast and permanent. Using our state of the art orthodontic braces Rapid Smiles can straighten your misaligned or crooked teeth in as little as 10 to 12 weeks! 

There is no need for referrals or specialist appointments. All facets of the Rapid Smiles treatment process is performed simply and easily within your Certified Rapid Smiles provider’s practice. Braces can be clear with tooth coloured wires or placed out of sight behind the teeth. Contact your nearest Rapid Smiles providertoday to arrange a consultation to find out if you’re a Rapid Smiles candidate. A twenty minute appointment may just change your life, it really is that simple.

Is Rapid Smiles suitable for me?

The best way to determine this is to contact your nearest Certified Rapid Smiles provider and make an appointment for a consultation.

If one or more of the following statements describes you then, you should consider taking this first step.
This is not a clinical assessment – only a Certified Rapid Smiles provider can make that judgement:

The key motivator for me to consider Rapid Smiles would be? 

  • I often have to address large groups of people and I know I would be better at it if I didn’t harbour a constant and nagging self consciousness about my teeth.
  • I’ve always been aware of my crooked teeth but didn’t know there was any practical or feasible solution or treatment available.
  • My work gets me up close and personal with clients and I’m sure a great smile would make me more relaxed and comfortable.

The thing that bothers me most about my smile is?

  • Gaps in my teeth
  • Crowding / misaligned teeth
  • Crooked teeth
  • Gum lines

The most important thing to me about the treatment would be?

  • Appearance during treatment
  • Treatment time
  • No pain
  • Cost
  • Outcome

My previous experience and understanding of Orthodontics is?

  • I wore braces when I was younger but hardly ever wore my retainer and they relapsed.
  • I never really thought anything could be done about my teeth
  • I’ve considered getting treatment but the time ruled out the possibility
  • I was unaware that a general dentist could provide this type of treatment
  • I didn’t know braces were an option for adults
  • I didn’t know you could have invisible braces

Rapid Smiles – Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can Rapid Smiles straighten my teeth in 2 to 4 months?

A: The secret is in the custom wires used by Rapid Smiles and the fact that we are only aiming for a cosmetic outcome, we are not trying to alter your bite or jaw function. Rapid Smiles might not be suitable for everybody, so contact Classic Dental to get an individual assessment.

Q: How long will my Rapid Smiles treatment take?

A: Dr. Yash Sheth and Associates will be able to advise your expected treatment time, however most Rapid Smiles cases are completed in 2 to 4 months once the braces have been fitted. 

Q: With a treatment time of only 2 to 4 months don’t you have to put more painful pressure on my teeth and gums to get the treatment done so fast?

A: No, whilst the treatment is based around standard orthodontic mechanics, the fact that we are simply aiming for a cosmetic outcome and no bite change, the forces used are far gentler.

Q: How do I make an appointment?

A: You can simply call Classic Dental at (08)6305-0299.

Q: After impressions are taken of my teeth how long before my braces will be ready to be fitted?

A: 2 to 3 weeks

Q: Will I have a metal mouth smile during treatment?

A: Only if you choose to. Rapid Smiles offers you bracket options that include a clear bracket that is placed on the front of the teeth with tooth coloured wires or an option where the brackets and wires (braces) are placed out of sight on the back of the teeth. Consequently your Rapid Smiles braces can be completely invisible if you wish.

Q: How much does Rapid Smiles cost?

A: It depends on whether you need both upper and lower teeth straightened and there are different costs for hidden or clear braces. Rapid Smiles can be less than ½ of the cost of traditional orthodontics.

Q: Are there any additional treatments that may be suggested or recommended once my Rapid Smiles treatment is completed?

A: This is something that will need to be discussed with Dr. Yash Sheth. Once your teeth are straightened with Rapid Smiles you may like to discuss whitening or the possibility of other cosmetic improvements.

Q: Will I have to wear any type of retention after treatment?

A: Yes, Dr. Yash Sheth will explain the retention process. All orthodontic treatments require some form of post treatment retention. You will find the retention methods used as part of the Rapid Smiles technique both simple and effective.

Q: What’s the difference between Rapid Smiles and other more comprehensive forms of Orthodontics?

A: Rapid Smiles uses a specifically designed system of brackets and custom wires (braces) and the treatment aspirations are purely cosmetic. Our team at Classic Dental will be able to provide a more detailed explanation at your initial assessment.