Orthodontics & Orthopedics

At Classic Dental Centre – orthopedics and orthodontic treatment is available. 

Orthopedics is typically the first step in the process of remedying maloccluded (e.g. crowded or improperly aligned) teeth in children and adults—and in some cases, the right orthopedic treatment can actually negate the need for orthodontic treatment entirely. Functional orthopedics are typically short-term, removable or fixed therapies—like retainers or similar devices—aimed at promoting appropriate facial growth and jaw structure. Orthopedics deal with both genetic malocclusion and the much more common environmental malocclusion –related to poor tongue position, allergies, enlarged tonsils, or even mouth breathing. 

See attached brochure for more information on orthopedic treatment at Classic Dental Centre.

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Orthopedic treatment being offered at Classic Dental Centre can help avoid extractions and surgical options. 

Early orthopedic treatment can increase the chances for normal development, and can also discourage potentially destructive behaviors (like mouth breathing) before they turn into habits or have a negative influence on other aspects of your child’s life, like their sleep.

Orthodontics, on the other hand, typically involves bonding braces or invisible braces (aligner treatment – invisalign or truline) to the teeth as a way to gradually move the tooth into a straighter, less crowded pattern. Unlike orthopedics, orthodontic devices are semi-permanent and may need to be work for months or years to achieve the desired result.

We offer conventional orthodontic treatment, in addition to rapid smiles braces.
Braces can be metal or clear (ceramic). 
No Braces treatment is aligner treatment : invisalign or truline 

Classic Dental Centre is a general dental practice: 

  • All dentists at the Practice only hold general registration and do not hold specialist registration.
  • All dentists have undertaken continuing education courses and hold appropriate certification to undertake the specialist treatments being offered at the Practice, and
  • All clients should seek a second opinion, if they wish to do so, from a registered specialist dental practitioner, prior to undergoing treatment at the practice.