Emergency Dentistry

You never know when you will be face to face with a dental emergency. No matter what time of the day it is, it’s not advisable to ignore dental trouble. While a timely treatment can help alleviate the condition, delaying treatment may give it ample of time to grow into a bigger problem.

Considering the importance of immediate medical attention during dental emergencies, Classic Dental offers emergency dentistry services. It is our way of saying that we are always there for you, whether it is beyond the regular visiting hours or on weekends, we will be at your side whenever you need help. Our emergency dentistry service is open for not just our existing patients but for previous and first time patients too.

Regular visits to the dentist can reduce the chance of a dental emergency, because when your teeth are under the constant supervision of a skilled professional, the chances of a ‘painful surprise’ are reduced. Our team of professionals will look after your needs and help you with all the information and assistance that you may require.

In case of an emergency give us a call or visit our clinic based in Landsdale, Perth.