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Does your hand automatically fly over your mouth every time you crack a smile? For many people with missing teeth, flashing a mouth full of gaps is too embarrassing to fathom, so they devise a number of tricks to hide their less-than-perfect teeth.

Sadly, many stop smiling all together. Your Landsdale, Darch, Madeley Dentist explains why lost teeth can not only rob you of your confidence but also negatively affect your oral health.

Oral Health Effects of Missing Teeth
Have you ever wondered why older people sometimes have sunken-looking faces? The answer doesn’t necessarily lie in the natural ageing process. Often, people look old before their time if they haven’t replaced missing teeth. Like other facial bones, a full set of teeth supports the soft tissues of the face and gives you a youthful appearance.

Missing teeth not only make the lips and cheeks collapse, but they also decrease the density of the underlying jawbone tissue, which contributes to a sunken face and weaker bones. The remaining teeth also suffer by shifting out of place, becoming crooked and experiencing breakage or uneven wear because of a misaligned bite. To prevent these health concerns and maintain your youthful appearance, dental implants from Landsdale, Madeley, Darch Dr. Yash Sheth are your best option for tooth replacement.

Tooth Replacement With Dental Implants
The implant procedure involves several steps, beginning with evaluating you for candidacy. Generally, if you have adequate bone tissue in the jaw and healthy gums, you can undergo the procedure. First, your dental surgeon will place the small titanium posts into your jawbone, after which a process called osseointegration must occur, which involves the bone bonding to the implant to hold your artificial tooth root in place.

You will then return to your Landsdale dentist’s office to have your replacement tooth attached to the abutment, which is the part of the implant that rests above the gums. Your new implants will not only look and function like your natural teeth, but they will also stimulate your jawbone tissue to help you maintain good bone density.

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